Fight, fight, fight, for old Kenyon High. 

Vikings, bold, will do it or die. 

Fight for fame and win this game for dear, old Kenyon High! 

(Written by Gertrude Schultz Dalbotten-1940) 

Greetings Kenyon High School Alumni and friends! Since 2013, when the old Kenyon High School was demolished, a committee has been working on a location and a plan for the saved building pediments to erect a school remembrance. We are soooo excited to announce that we have entered into a lease with First Lutheran Church enabling us to do exactly that!! The photo shown above, left, includes the pediments saved from the old high school that will be used, as shown, in the illustration on the right. This KHS Monument, will be located near where the original building stood on Forest Street in the green space on the northwest side of the church parking lot. Notice this monument is made up of parts of the columns, the “egg and scroll,” and pavers will surround the area. Plaques or some sort of signage will be placed, also, telling the stories from the first schools built, to the present time. “When the physical place is gone….that history can become more challenging to be remembered.” In completing this project, the history of not just book-learning, but also the “family history, community history, and personal history” will remain to help direct us as we move forward in our lives. 

At the present time, our bank account has over 25% of what we anticipate we need. We continue to solicit donations and many of you indicated that, once a location was established, that you could help us in our efforts. We are in awe that so many have already donated during the early stages of this project, and we look forward to any future donations. Thank you!! These donations can be sent to the Security State Bank of Kenyon, KHS Monument Fund, or to KHS Monument Fund, 125 3rd St. in Kenyon. Checks should be written out to the KHS Monument Fund. 

The school community of Kenyon and now, Kenyon-Wanamingo, has always supported and valued education and its young people. “This monument will stand as a remembrance of this commitment of Kenyon, along with memories that were made throughout those years.” Our list of successful Kenyon members of society is long……we are proud of who we once were and of what we have become! Please consider donating to this historical marker. 


Mary Gail Flom Anderson (class of ‘70) and Kevin Anderson (Kenyon Historian/Publicist) 

Mary Danielson-Gates (class of ‘61) Julie Praus (Architectural Designer) 

Chuck Aase (class of ‘68) Cindy Estrem Trapp (class of ‘71)